Our plates are the most suitable alternative to plastic disposables that are harmfull to the environment.

Wether its a meal or a snack, we would be able to cater to all your needs.

Available in sizes starting from,7", 9", 11" With and without compartments.

Meal Boxes

We have a whole range of eco friendly containers that help you take back food home guilt free!

Starting with 250ml, 500 and a 650ml, Our contaienrs are suitable for all kinds of food.


Pulp Packaging


A whole range of Pulp tableware for various industries, Electronic Packaging, Medical Applications, Egg Trays, Apple Trays.

All types of Custom mould as per Designs


Ice cream or payasam, our bowls are best for all kinds of liquids and sweets.

Freezer and Microwave safe, serve your food heat it and eat it!

Starting with 180ml, 250 and 350ml Bowls .

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